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Why your business should switch to our hosted VOIP solution

  1. Your system is a dinosaur and it is past time to consider a new solution. We get this all of the time. Customers struggling to get parts, add phones to their current system and even just move employees to a new area. We can help you cut costs to get in to a new system and the ongoing cost of maintenance.

  2. Many smaller businesses don't have full time IT resources on hand. We take care of it for you! We allow you to focus on your core business and not support of your onsite phone system.

  3. Our system allows you to integrate with your business processes. With unified communications, you have more options then traditional phone systems to integrate other processes and applications with the phone system contacts.

  4. Know what your monthly expenses will be. Don't get caught in rising expenses of managing onsite equipment. We take care of this for you!

  5. Our solutions allow your business to get away from a capital expenditure when upgrading or purchasing a onsite phone system. Keep your cash for other important reasons and let us host it for your! You wont be disappointed!

  6. Work from anywhere. With our solutions, you can setup an office anywere and work seamlessly as if you were in the same building. Just bring your phone anywhere with an internet connection. Need to work remotely for a while, no problem! Just bring your phone with you. Need to forward calls to your cell phone this Friday, no problem! We allow you to make calls from your cell phone app and utilize your business phone system number. Much more professional!

  7. Don't pay someone to do updates on your phone system. Our cloud based systems are automatically updated!

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